Shakti Studio ~ Annapolis Yoga

A unique boutique style studio with smaller class sizes for individual attention and quality instruction.  Our intention is to create a space where students can thrive and be inspired.


Welcome to Shakti Studio of Annapolis

A community oriented studio that offers the true essence of yoga in a variety of levels and styles, mind/body fitness, Tai-chi, Ayurvedic classes, workshops, and much more. 



Movement is Life!  Find something you desire and get moving
your body / mind / spirit will be most grateful

*Go to our new website for all current information* 


The Vision ~ at Shakti Studio we strive to create a unique place in the community, where people from all walks of life can come together and enjoy a variety of programs, with like minded people, and to feel empowered to make a change toward enhanced health and well-being.  We are all committed to bringing you the support, encouragement and knowledge you need to reach your full potential.

Benefits of enhanced health & well-being:
Reduced stress / anxiety
Improved sleep
Increased energy / stamina
Weight management
Increased self awareness
Stronger physical body
Improved flexibility and mobility
 Shakti:  creative energy
            driving force behind all change

We invite you to come & find your Shakti ~ participate   in a variety of classes and workshops we have to offer 
and join our growing community.

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